PostDoc in computational biology available at the University of Oslo

The Computational Biology and Systems Medicine group (Kuijjer group) at the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM), a Nordic EMBL partner, and the University of Oslo is looking for a postdoctoral fellow. The position is available immediately. The appointment will be for three years.

The Computational Biology and Systems Medicine group investigates how gene regulatory networks are disrupted in cancer. We do this by building computational tools that model networks of gene regulation, which represent for example how transcription factors or microRNAs regulate genome-wide gene expression. Using high-performance computing, we can model these networks for each individual sample in large-scale cancer `omics datasets. We then analyze these “big data” networks using statistical methods. This allows us to better understand both the system-wide level of changes, as well as specific disruptions in regulation that may drive cancer development, progression, and response to treatment.

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